Why All Set Focuses on Neighborhoods

why all set focuses on neighborhoods


Many of our customers quickly notice that All Set is uniquely focused on the neighborhoods in which they live. When you enter your address, you are shown a neighborhood instead of a town or city. When you view the list of Pros available in your area, it is first sorted by the number of neighbors using each Pro and then by the Pro’s ratings.

In a world where so many local services have been outsourced to anonymous big companies or gig economy workers, we believe there is value in both knowing your Pro and your Pro knowing your neighborhood. This value can be a monetary reward in the form of a neighborhood discount or the psychological reward of peace of mind.

Why We Prioritize which Cleaners Your Neighbors are Using:

Whenever we talk to our customers about finding the right Pro for their needs, trust is a key factor. House cleaners have access to areas of our homes that are largely off limits to even our closest friends and family, and often are there when nobody is home. Customer reviews are an effective tool for picking the right cleaner but knowing that someone right up the street loves working with a particular cleaner adds yet another layer of comfort to the selection process.

Why We Offer Neighborhood Discounts:

We offer neighborhood discounts when our customers use the same Pro as their neighbors because we see it is as a win-win situation for everyone involved. For Pros, neighborhood discounts naturally concentrate their customers into smaller and smaller geographic areas. This means they spend less time travelling from job to job and more time delighting customers and making money. Higher discounts then make it more likely that new customers in the area will choose a Pro allowing them to grow their business while further decreasing the amount they need to travel between jobs.

In turn, customers save money on every cleaning while also benefiting from the knowledge that other customers have developed a level of trust with that Pro. As their Pro continues to grow in their neighborhood, they will travel less making them more flexible with scheduling and decreasing the chances of a Pro being late because of traffic. Also, anyone who refers a neighbor to All Set, now benefits from both our referral bonus and an increase to their neighborhood discount.

Our goal is to fit seamlessly into your busy lives. Instead of walking down the street to ask for a recommendation or refer a neighbor, everything is built right into All Set. Customers who recently moved to a new neighborhood can receive an automatic discount and read local reviews before they have even had a chance to meet all of their neighbors.

If this all sounds great but you live in a neighborhood without an active discount, start building a neighborhood discount by referring a neighbor, posting in a local Facebook group, or recommending us on Nextdoor.