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All Set’s 2017 Local Gift-Guide

All Set's 2017 Local Boston Gift Guide

The Holidays are finally among us! Not sure about you, but over here at All Set, we couldn’t be more excited. To help celebrate, we’ve put together a sort-of gift guide (or really cool company call-out, if you will) to introduce you to some local-to-us brands that we think have amazing gifts. Tis the season!…

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7 Gross Apartment Cleaning Facts: The Bedroom

Apartment Cleaning

Today, we’re talking about 7 gross apartment cleaning facts all found in your bedroom and a few ways you can help rid of the grossness. Alright, let’s get real today. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom – probably around seven to eight hours a night sleeping, plus an additional one to three…

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Gross House Cleaning Facts: Your Bathroom

House Cleaning Fact

Gross house cleaning facts all found in your bathroom Let’s get started with the shower and everything in it. Gross House Cleaning Facts About Your Shower The good news first. Your shower is actually not that dirty, if (and only if!) you clean it properly. Your shower walls, floor, bathtub, and showerhead all hold a…

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House Cleaning in San Francisco: A Guide to Cleaning Electric Stovetops

House Cleaning San Francisco Cleaning Electric Stovetops

Your House Cleaning in San Francisco Guide to Cleaning Electric Stovetops Remember when you first got your electric stovetop? It was so pretty, wasn’t it? And then you used it once and it was scuffed instantly. Well, lucky for you, they’re actually not that hard to clean. Given that many people have electric stovetops over…

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Your All Set Cleaning Service Guide: How to Clean Concrete Countertops

Cleaning Service Guide: Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops have taken the farmhouse world by storm. And for very good reason – their rustic appearance is the perfect finishing touch to any industrial-like kitchen or bathroom. They instantly give an upscale look to any home, they’re heat-resistant, pretty durable, and for those willing, can be considered a DIY project. Concrete can easily…

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House Cleaning Guide: How to Clean Gas Stovetops

House Cleaning Guide Gas Stovetop

A gas stovetop is every home cooks dream. The open flame is able to spread itself across your pots and pan, cooking food more quickly and evenly. If you’re lucky enough to have a gas stove top in your home, you know that even as great as they are, they are a bit harder to…

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