House Cleaning

A Cleaning Service in San Francisco’s Guide to An Organized Pantry

Kitchen Cleaner Boston

In past posts, we spoke a bit about how our home doesn’t feel officially clean until we organize the cabinets and closets within it. Basically, even if your home appears super clean, you might not feel the benefit of “having it together” until you look inside those hidden spaces and organize them too. We have…

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Boston Cleaning Service Guide: How to Clean the Stairs

Alright, let’s get honest with each other. When you’re vacuuming or mopping your floors, how many of you actually clean the stairs? If you’re anything like us, it’s one of those spots that you avoid cleaning, realize you don’t have enough time to clean, or just simply forget to clean. Why? Because cleaning the stairs…

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A House Cleaning Guide to Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Boston

When you think about cleaning your home, you probably have all of the basics covered – dusting the furniture, cleaning the countertops, scrubbing the shower, and so on. Week after week though, we’re betting there’s one thing that you might be missing, and that’s the windows. Whether you just completely forget to clean them, or…

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House Cleaning in Boston: How to Keep the Winter Mess to a Minimum

House Cleaning Boston

Winter can be magical, especially in Boston – soft snow falling on the quiet streets and cozy nights inside huddled by the fire. Despite the cold, it’s a favorite time of year for many. Yet, let’s be honest – Winter can be a huge mess. After the first night, that beautiful soft snow becomes slushy,…

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San Francisco Cleaning Service Guide: How to Keep the Tub Clean

San Francisco Bathroom Cleaning

If you had to think about the worst thing you have to clean in your home, what would it be? There’s much that could be said here, but we’re betting that many of you say the bathtub. Why? Because even when you’ve just cleaned it, it somehow immediately seems like it needs to be cleaned…

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