Clean Your House Like A Pro With These Simple Tricks!

It can be hard keeping your house clean and tidy, but cleaning your home doesn’t have to require harsh chemicals or expensive products. In fact, you can clean your home with some common household products that you can find at any grocery store or convenience store. Here are some creative tips from All Set’s Pros to use to keep your home and clothes spotless.


1) A magic formula for white canvas shoes and shoelaces:

shoe cleaning tips

We all love white shoes but are simultaneously terrified of them since they are so easy to soil. The shabby appearance doesn’t go away even after washing repeatedly. Here is a super easy trick that’ll make your dirty canvas shoes as white as when you bought them (or at least as close as you can get).

Mix the following ingredients in a bowl:

  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • Half a tablespoon of water
  • Half a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide

Apply the mixture onto your shoes using a toothbrush. Really rub it into those stubborn stains. Go over the shoe laces as well or better yet, simply remove the laces and coat them with the mixture. Don’t hesitate to apply a second coat onto your shoes. Now let them dry out in the sun for three to four hours. If you don’t experience much sunshine, keep them in a warm place (near a heater) until thoroughly dried.

The pasty mixture dries out into a powder which can be shaken off by simply tapping the shoes a few times. You may remove the excess powder using a clean toothbrush or cloth. You’ll be amazed at the gleaming white canvas waiting underneath.


2) The inside of your microwave is one of the hardest places to clean:

It gets splattered with all sorts of oily, greasy liquids. Usually, you have to resort to chemical detergents to eliminate the layer of grime. However, we have a much better, all natural and surprisingly easy solution.

Even if you already have a house full of the best cleaning products, you need to give this method a shot the next time your microwave is messy.

Just cut a lemon in half and give it a good squeeze. Put the lemon into a microwave-safe bowl and add in half of a cup of water. Now place the bowl into your microwave and let it run at medium (default) intensity for about three minutes. Don’t open the door after three minutes though, let it sit for another five minutes.


Now, remove the microwave plate and wipe the insides using a sponge or cotton cloth. Rinse the plate or simply wipe it. Notice how easily the dirt and gunk come off!


3) Coca cola to the rescue!

coca cola for cleaning

Coca cola as a cleaning agent often surprises people, but you would be amazed at how effective their secret soda recipe can be at removing certain stains.

Chewing gum stuck to your hair or clothes? Pour some coca cola into a bowl and let the gummy bits soak in it for a few minutes. The gum will lose all of its stickiness and you will be able to pull it out easily.

Cleaning the deposits that build up inside electric pots can be a very cumbersome affair. With coke, it’s as easy as one, two, three!

  1. Simply Pour Coca Cola into the electric pot or kettle, let it come to a boil and switch off the pot.
  2. Dump or drain the coke after a couple of minutes and viola! You have got a spanking clean electric kettle with no sign of any deposits at all.
  3. Rinse the kettle well before using again.

Has your toilet bowl acquired a dirty, yellowish look? Pour some Coca-Cola into it and let it sit for a couple of hours. You might want to give it a scrubbing using a long handled brush specifically designed for the purpose (optional). Flush your toilet and be amazed at how clean and shiny it looks!

Are your tools a bit rusty? Coca Cola comes to rescue yet again! Put all rusty items into a big bowl and top with coca cola. Let is sit for a few hours. Remove tools and scrub with a sponge. They will look as good as new!


4) How to save your burnt pots and pan:

cleaning hacks for pans

We all know the feeling. You began to cook something delicious but then you were distracted by your favorite TV show, one of the kids or a phone call. After half an hour, you smell a burnt odor and rush to the kitchen to find that the bottom of your pan is totally burnt and has turned black.

You probably think you have to throw out the pan, but not any more. Pour some dish washing soap into it, add water and a dryer sheet. Then go back to watching TV and let it sit for a few hours. Dump out the dark murky liquid and throw away the dryer sheet. The bottom of your pan will have returned to its original color.


5) The simple way to clean metal kitchen sinks and wooden cutting boards:

cleaning metal sinks

Sinks and taps accumulate grime and it is next to impossible to get rid of strong (onion and garlicky) odors from cutting boards. We have a quick fix both these issues.

  1. Cut a grapefruit in half
  2. Sprinkle lots of coarse salt onto the inner surface.
  3. Now scrub your metal sink and tap with this natural scrubber.
  4. Leave it on a few minutes and rinse with water.
  5. Use lemon if you don’t have grapefruit.

Your sink will have a mirror-like finish. For chopping boards, chop a lemon in half and give the board a good scrubbing. Then sprinkle with generous amounts of salt. Leave for fifteen minutes and rinse.


6) Stove tops are notoriously hard to keep clean:

Not only does food fall onto them, but it burns onto the surface because of the surrounding heat. We have a simple pro tip that’ll help you avoid this mess. After cleaning your stove top, coat it with a bit of car wax. Not only does this protect it, but the wax will prevent food from adhering directly to the surface.


7) Mirrors you won’t mind looking in:

mirror cleaning tips

Even after a good bit of polishing, mirrors still retain cloth marks and fingerprints. So ditch the cloth/duster. Brew some strong black tea, spray onto the mirror surface and then clean it up with some old newspaper.

If you have too much on your plate or simply don’t like cleaning, call up the cleaning pros at All Set. They’ll use these tricks and more to make your home so spotless that you won’t even recognize it!