Declutter your home, declutter your mind

Declutter You Home - Declutter Your Mind All Set Blog Post

Here at All Set, we are very familiar with how big of a difference a clean and decluttered environment can make in our lives. Nothing is worse than walking into your home after a long day of working, parenting, volunteering or running errands and feeling your anxiety levels rise with every step you take. Whether it’s dust covered shelves, a sink full of dishes or bathroom fixtures that have lost their sparkle, we are all fighting an uphill battle to maintain a refreshingly clean and organized home.


Clutter can be distracting and bombards us with extra stimuli that prevent us from taking full advantage of our down time. For some, the reaction is to allow the anxiety to build, while others succumb to an inescapable urge to immediately tackle the problem.


The good news is that when we do finally adopt the habits needed to maintain a clean home, the mental impact can be magical. For some, spending hours cleaning would only increase stress levels further and hamper their ability to maximize their free time. It was for the latter group that we created All Set. Our goal was to optimize the peace of mind a clean home already provides through a seamless and user friendly technology solution that handles all of the details of scheduling and maintaining an ongoing cleaning service with a trusted professional.


With just a few clicks, users can stop worrying about cleaning their homes and instead focus on making the most of their weekends. The average American spends 120 hours every year on house cleaning. Imagine all that you could accomplish or enjoy if you dedicated that time to the things you love.


A productive and decluttered environment also produces peak mental decluttering. Knowing that one of your most time-consuming household chores has been more or less indefinitely removed from your to-do list is accompanied by a high degree of freedom. Go for that hike, take your kids to the movies or work on that hobby you have been trying to pick up and know that there will be a little less clutter waiting in your home, mind and life.


Still finding yourself stressed and your mind cluttered? With All Set taking care of your physical space, focus more time on your mental wellbeing. Our friends over at reflect, a mental health startup, have created a stress quiz to help you assess the impact of stress on your life. reflect is also making it easier than ever to find a qualified therapist to help you work through life’s major stressors to become the best version of yourself. Take their 5-minute survey here to be matched with 3 therapists and speak to each match for free before choosing. (Note: reflect is piloting in the San Francisco area only for now.) Don’t think you need to talk to someone right now, but still interested in mental wellness? Follow their blog for thought-provoking articles, tips, and inspiration.