The Benefits of Deep House Cleaning

A couple of times a year even the cleanest of homes need a deep cleaning. Dirt and dust acquire in hard to reach areas that are not given attention during regular cleanings, and if these areas aren’t taken care of they will get worse and worse. Whether you’re hosting a special event, getting ready to move, or just hoping to do some spring cleaning, a deep cleaning will leave your home in pristine condition and improve your overall health.

Deep House Cleaning

Why Do a Deep Clean?

Deep cleanings are needed to take care of areas in your home that only need to be cleaned about every six months. These areas are normally the most difficult to reach, such as high ceilings or the back of appliances, but that does not make them any less important! Cleaning every nook and cranny of your house can help prevent allergens such as dust mites from lurking in your home. Deep cleaning also will protect your appliances and house from rot, rust, or other damages. If areas that are hard to clean are simply ignored, before you know it they will be impossible to clean! Deep cleaning can help you completely rid your home of pet dander, stains, trash, and clutter. You may even find some things you’ve been looking for all year.

Deep Cleaning Supplies


What You’ll Need

To do an effective deep clean you’re going to need the right materials. For bathrooms and kitchens be sure to have tile sprays, sponges, a bucket, a mop, broom, scrubbing brush, bleach, and gloves. For carpeted areas, bedrooms, and living rooms be sure to collect a vacuum, stain removers, and laundry baskets. Everywhere you go you will need rags, window cleaner, and a duster. Many professionals who specialize in house cleaning services like to put their supplies together in a large bucket that can be carried around the house, but you can also place supplies near the rooms they will be used in.

The Process

The hardest part of all of this is getting started. Once you do, don’t stop! Try and finish your entire house within a few days or a week at most. If you don’t set aside time to really do the cleaning it will drag on until it feels like you need to start over.

First, pick up everything on the floor of your home. Put things away where they belong, and throw out any trash you find. Some people like to use their deep clean as a time to get rid of unused items or furniture. If this is your plan remove the largest items first, and then sort clothes or toys into save, give away, and trash piles. Organize shelves and dressers, and pick up any dirty laundry and run it while you are working. Wash throw blankets and decorative pillows.

Now that everything is put away you can start the cleaning process! Some people like to go room by room and completely finish each one at a time, while others do a “top to bottom” approach. The top to bottom approach requires that you clean the ceilings and tops of fans in each room before moving on to carpets and flooring throughout the house. Do whatever is easier for you, but be sure to keep track of what you accomplish so you don’t clean the same areas twice. For rooms with large furniture or appliances try to move everything away from the walls. This way you can reach behind and under larger items to truly clean them.

Dust or vacuum furniture and wipe down appliances, then vacuum or mop underneath their normal location before putting them back. Be sure to clean the entire room before mopping or vacuuming so the floor doesn’t get dirty again while you’re cleaning. In bathrooms be sure to bleach the toilet and shower, and scrub at grout and tiles. Give extra attention to the shower door, behind the toilet, and inside cabinets. If a room has a loose carpet move it and vacuum/mop underneath. If you encounter any impossible to remove stains you may want to check out this guide to removing them: 31 Ways To Seriously Deep Clean Your Home

Clean all the windows inside and out, and make sure everything is spotless before putting everything you moved back in place.

Enjoy your clean home and be proud of the work you put in!