Why the Cost of House Cleaning is a Smart Investment

We often encounter the belief that having your house professionally cleaned is an expensive indulgence limited to a select few. However, running All Set has shown us that when viewed as an investment in your family, your home and yourself, having your house professionally cleaned is one of the smartest investments you can make.

Hidden Costs of Cleaning Yourself:

cleaning cost supplies

Maintaining a consistently clean home requires buying or renting a wide array of tools and supplies. All of those cleaning agents, paper towels, microfiber rags, buckets, and rubber gloves quickly add up even before you factor in expensive equipment like vacuums. Cleaning pros bring their own supplies and have a wider range of cleaning agents and professional equipment at their disposal.

Your time is not free:

cleaning cost time

It typically takes one to two hours per room to clean every surface from floor to ceiling. Depending on the home, this means dedicating somewhere between half of a day and a full weekend to every cleaning. It’s easy to underestimate how long cleaning actually takes and to never calculate how much you are undervaluing your own free time when you spend hours or days cleaning.

A Healthy Home is Valuable:

cleaning cost deep clean

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if you could use that Clorox spray on your stainless steel appliances, then you understand the value of cleaning expertise. Pros know how to provide the deepest clean while avoiding the common mistakes that can ruin or age surfaces in your home. Using the right materials and cleaning deeper also eliminates germs, so a clean home truly is a healthy home.

Opportunities to Save:

cleaning cost savings

One aspect of having a house cleaner that customers often forget is that there are ways to save money and stretch your spending even more. For example, cleaners welcome group discounts among neighbors because it limits their travel time, so we built an automatic neighborhood discount into our app that can save consumers up to 15%. There are plenty of other ways to save too which you can read about here.

When you fully account for materials, time, quality and savings it becomes much clearer that the cost of a professional house cleaning is an investment worth making.