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Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Tidy

Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Tidy

It’s easy for chores to pile up and for the mess in your house to get out of hand. That’s why creating good cleaning habits is vital. If you get into a routine of doing certain chores every day and other chores on specific days of the week, keeping your house tidy will become much simpler. The more you stick to your chore routine, the easier it will get. Seeing things organized gives your peace of mind and you do not have to think about cleaning it. Here is a quick list to help keep things in order.

1. Create a Weekly or Monthly Schedule

Tidy Home Keep a Schedule

Write down the chores you plan on doing each day on a calendar or to-do list. You do not have to write down chores that you do daily unless you are afraid that you’ll forget them. However, writing down chores your do only once a week, once a month, or once every few days can help make sure you remember to complete these chores. For instance, you will probably want to sweep every day, wash laundry every three days, but only wash the bathrooms once a week. What the end of each week, you will feel a sense of satisfaction when you see your chore completed and check it off your schedule. You are one step closer to making a chore a fun habit.

2. Make Your Bed

Tidy Home Make your Bed

Making your bed is an easy way to make your room look much cleaner. You don’t need to tuck in the corners; just quickly reposition your sheets, covers, and pillows. Since making your bed is one of the first things you do in the morning, it puts you in the mindset of getting chores done throughout the day.

3. Wash Your Dishes After Every Meal

Tidy Home Make your Bed

Whether washing your dishes involves cleaning them in the sink and putting them in the drying rack or just placing them in the dishwasher, clean the dishes directly after every meal. If you put off washing your dishes, your sink and counter get crowded and it just becomes more overwhelming. Also, if you use a dish washer, turn in on before bed and unload the dishes while you’re making your breakfast. If you have a drying rack, also put away your dishes in the morning. This way, they will have had time to dry overnight.

4. Encourage Your Children to Help You Clean

Tidy Home Do your Dishes

If you have kids, it sometimes feels easier to just do all the cleaning yourself. However, once your kids get older, you’re going to be happy that you instilled cleaning skills in them early. For younger children, this can be as easy as making sure they clean up each mess once they are ready to start playing with a new toy. As they get older, you can have them do age-appropriate chores such as cleaning the bathroom, sweeping, or dusting.

5. Put Clothes Away

Tidy Home Put Clothes Away

As soon as you take off a garment, either hang it back up or place it in the hamper. An easy way to remind your family not to throw their clothes on the floor is to have a hamper in each person’s room. That way, they can throw their clothes in the hamper as soon as they take them off.

6. Get Rid of Clutter

Tidy Home Declutter

Taking time to get rid of things you do not need will drastically cut down on time you need to spend cleaning. For instance, if you get rid of knick-knacks on your counters, dusting will be much easier. Another way to get rid of clutter is to place a hamper or bag in your closet where you put clothes that you plan on donating. As you get ready in the morning, place clothes inside that no longer fit or that you no longer like. Donate these clothes once a month or when the hamper or bag is full to keep your closet clean.

7. Quickly Tidy Up Your Home Before You Go to Sleep

Tidy Home Clean Nightly

Quickly tidying up your home should only needs to take 15-20 minutes and should only focus on substantial messes throughout the house. Turn on the radio or play some music on your smart phone to make the cleaning go faster. If you have a family or roommates, have them help you clean. Items you should focus on are any chores you did not do earlier in the day and chores such as sweeping or vacuuming entryways that people often walk through. One easy way to do with is to run a robotic vacuum such as a Roomba every evening.

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