A Parent’s Guide to House Cleaning and Apartment Cleaning

House and Apartment Cleaning Guide for Parents

What comes to mind when you think of a parent who has it together? A perfectly behaved child? Just the right balance between work and play? Perhaps a sparkling clean home with dust-free baseboards and trim? All of the above?

News flash. Real life doesn’t look like that. What’s it really like? A two-year old having a temper-tantrum while you work on your computer at 6 AM in the kitchen that has dirty dishes piled up in the sink from two nights ago. Is that more like it?

Don’t beat yourself up. The reality is hard! As a parent, there is always a ton to do. You do everything you can to keep up with the day-to-day and understandably, one thing that often gets overlooked is a house cleaning.

How do you possibly find time for house cleaning with a scheduled packed with work, playdates, appointments, and meals to cook? Is it even possible?

Yes, it is! And we’re here to help you figure it out. Look here if you’re looking to create an actual weekly house cleaning schedule because this post is going to go into the more practical tips – the ones you can use every day to help keep a clean home.

Before you continue – there is a much easier solution. Hire a house cleaner! All Set offers house cleaning and apartment cleaning services in San Francisco, San Jose, and Boston.

Ok, let’s get started.

Start Your Day by Decluttering

The key is to spend as little time as possible cleaning each day. We know, that sounds crazy. But you’ve got a lot to do! You don’t have the time to clean, but you can’t leave your house completely dirty either.

To get yourself on the path to a clean home, grab a laundry basket each morning and go from room to room collecting everything that doesn’t belong. As you work your way through the house, put away the things you’ve gathered into their rightful places. It’s a small task, but decluttering will make a load of difference in your home.

Follow the Golden Rule of House Cleaning: Dust Weekly 

Not every day. That would be nice, but that’s not going to happen. Take twenty minutes to dust the furniture each week. You don’t even have to move everything to dust under them – save that for every other week. A quick dust will make your home appear much cleaner and will save you when that last-minute dinner guest walks in.

Apartment Cleaning Guide for Parents

Simple Cooking Goes a Long Way

Remember when you and your significant other first started dating? Cooking was slow and leisurely and usually involved a glass of wine and some music to help you unwind. Not anymore. You’re lucky if you get thirty minutes to cook for the entire family. Here’s what’s going to help you succeed: Easy meals. All the time. We know, we know – you love cooking and want to spend your time making something creative. There will be a time for that though – maybe on a Sunday fifteen years from now (just kidding).

When things are crazy and you just have to get something on the table, stick to something easy. Though this one’s not a total house cleaning tip, remember – easy meals = easy cleanup!

Here is a quick additional house cleaning tip that helps you make sure the dishes after your meals get really clean:

Divide and Conquer house cleaning and everything else

You and your significant other have to share duties. Are you the cook? Then the other one does the dishes. Do you do the laundry? The other takes out the trash. Do you dust? You get the point. You have to share responsibilities to avoid either of you feeling overworked. You can even create a cleaning schedule for the week that lists each of your chores.

Cleaning guide for parents: Involve kids in house cleaning

Involve Your Kids in House Cleaning

If your kids are old enough to go to soccer practice, they’re old enough to clean. Tempt them with allowance, dessert, a movie – do whatever you need to do to make them help out. You might be surprised how eager your kids are to help.

Remind your kids to make their bed each morning and to wipe down the bathroom vanity after they brush their teeth. It’s easy for them and a big help for you.

Keep the Mess to One Room

What’s that? You get a cheat room? Yes!

Designate a room in your home as the “play room.” If you don’t have space for an actual playroom, you can choose the basement, a kid’s room, or another room that’s away from the main space in your home. If you have a designated area for your kids to make a mess, they often will want to go straight into that room, because they know it’s where they can play freely. Meanwhile, you can keep the rest of your house clean and only have to worry about straightening up one room on the weekends. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Instill a ‘No Shoes’ Policy

It’s not particularly convenient, and you can make an exception when you have guests over, but for your regular day-to-day, make a “no shoes in the house” rule. If everyone takes off their shoes as soon as they come inside, dirt won’t be tracked all over your home which means a lot less mess for you to clean up. And no shoeprint carpet stains!

Wipe Those Paws

Do you have a dog? As adorable as they are, they may be a big reason your house gets messy easily. You can’t exactly ask your dog to put his toys away when he’s done (or maybe you can? Teach us!), but you can prevent paw prints all over your beautiful hardwood floors and carpets. Leave a towel near the door your dog comes in from and each time you let your dog in, quickly wipe each paw with the towel. You’ll get off most of the dirt and you won’t be stuck scrubbing mud off your floors every night. Your dog won’t mind either! Who wouldn’t want a quick foot (or paw) massage?

And finally.

Hire a House Cleaner

Seriously. Why not? Your time is better spent in other ways – with your kids, a date-night with your husband, a night out with the girls. Those options sound much better than house cleaning. You can thank us later.

We hope that you already feel better after reading this guide. See? You can do it!

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