5 Ways to Save on Your House Cleaning Service

Ever since we started a company centered on the idea of not doing our household chores, we have found that most people consider dusting, scrubbing and vacuuming to be among their least favorite ways to spend their free time. However, a lot of those people also don’t realize how much value a pro house cleaner can provide for a cost that’s often in line with a nice dinner or many other common splurges. If you’re on the verge of hiring a pro house cleaner but looking to maximize your bang for your buck, check out these 5 tips to maximize the return on your cleaning investment.

1. Consistency

save house cleaning consistency

Many people associate consistent cleanings with increased expense. However, when you commit to a consistent schedule and develop a relationship with your cleaner, they are able to clean your home more quickly and will be flexible in other ways that will save you money.

2. Rotate Rooms

save on house cleaning rotate rooms

If your cleaner is coming consistently, chances are that every room doesn’t need a deep clean during every cleaning. After your initial cleaning, ask your pro to rotate sections of the house for a discount.

3. Declare Areas Off Limits

Save on house cleaning declutter

Is your cleaner wasting time wading through toys in the kids’ rooms or cleaning a dining room that hasn’t been used since Thanksgiving? Reduce the square footage of your job by labelling certain spaces off-limits.

4. Avoid Pricey Add-ons

Save on house cleaning add-ons

Clean windows are great, but probably only necessary once or twice a year. Same goes for the oven and the fridge. Even better, practice preventative habits to avoid these areas ever needing a deep cleaning.

5. Neighborhood Discounts

Save on house cleaning neighborhood discount

Your pro is trying to run a business. If you can save them travel time by getting your house cleaned the same day as your neighbors, they’ll likely be willing to offer a discount. Don’t know your neighbors? All Set’s neighborhood discounts are automatic.