8 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean Between Deep Cleanings

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1. Invest in tools that save time:

How long it takes you to clean something is directly tied to the effectiveness of the tools that you are using for the job. A bottle of surface cleaner and a handful of paper towels are great for quick spills in the kitchen, but don’t take the all-purpose label on the bottle too seriously. Our short list of must-have cleaning tools includes:

  • Vacuum
  • A high quality duster
  • Shower / bathroom specific cleaning spray
  • Magic Erasers
  • Microfiber cloth (pro tip: look in the automotive section for cheaper options)
  • Rubber gloves

2. Let the shower cleaner do the work:

Most shower cleaners are designed to minimize the elbow grease required to break down grime and mold. For a consistently clean shower, spray your entire shower every couple of days before you use it. Simply let the cleaner sit for a couple of minutes and then rinse down the walls before you get in. If done consistently, you won’t have to wipe and there won’t be a chance for enough residue to build up to require a deeper clean.

3. Dust regularly:

Dusting is one of those chores that is much easier when consistently done. Make sure you have a quality duster (see tip #1) and then dust one room at a time whenever you have a couple of minutes to kill. If you get into the habit of dusting regularly, entire rooms only take a minute and you’ll end up with a cleaner and healthier home.

4. Extend Doing the Dishes to Your Cooking Station:

Even the best home chefs tend to share a little of every meal with the stovetops and counters. The best way to handle the post-cooking mess is to treat your cooking station like a giant dish. After you finish cleaning the dishes, take the dish rag and wipe down your cooking station with dish soap and water. The soap will clean the grease and other spills just like it does the dishes and dish soap is safe to use on stainless steel and granite.

Bonus tip to keep your microwave clean during your house cleanings:

5. Speed Vacuum Heavily Trafficked Rooms:

Vacuuming often feels like a big chore but it doesn’t have to be. Only the highly trafficked areas of your home need consistent vacuuming and you can quickly zoom across a room by moving smaller items and working back and forth in straight lines (like a lawn mower).

6. Proactively cut down on clutter:

Not only does clutter make your home feel messier, it also complicates other cleaning tasks. If it takes you five minutes to vacuum a room but you have to spend five minutes beforehand moving loose items then you just doubled your cleaning time. Proactively put your things away when you aren’t using them and invest in organizational tools like hooks and shelves to cut down on the clutter.

7. Take your shoes off:

This one is so simple but is often ignored. Our shoes spend the entire day picking up dirt, dust and water. The easiest way to ensure that the elements remain outside is to lay a mat by the door and make sure everyone takes off their shoes every time they come in and out.

8. Avoid time wasting mistakes:

Little mishaps can waste a lot of time when cleaning so make sure you follow best practices and avoid mistakes that can waste time. A few of the top mistakes to avoid include:

  • You aren’t cleaning rooms from top to bottom
  • You don’t give cleaning sprays a few minutes to work on tough build-up
  • You are using the wrong tools or cleaning agents
  • You don’t keep your cleaning tools clean
  • You don’t turn off the brush roller when vacuuming hardwood
  • You clean dishes that the dishwasher can handle

Executing these simple tips will allow you to keep your home spotless between deeper cleanings. Click here for our more extensive cleaning guide for when it’s time to deep clean.