Why All Set has the Best Pros

Here at All Set, we know you have a lot of options to choose from when selecting a home cleaner. There are local independent house cleaners, on-demand platforms that are focused on instant bookings and marketplaces that allow multiple professionals to bid on your services. We also know that while pricing and convenience matter, the most important qualities for a house cleaner are trust and quality of service. Remember that these pros will be cleaning parts of your home that are off limits to your closest friends.

We believe that the best way to deliver this high-quality experience is to provide the existing independent house cleaners your neighbors already trust with the same tech-enabled experience that we have grown accustomed to in other parts of our lives. Empowered pros are the best pros and All Set’s #1 priority is pairing our customers with the best pros.

The best pros don’t sign-up for services that set their rates, schedules and branding:

Instantly booking a house cleaning in a couple of clicks seems great, but can you actually expect premier service from a professional who had to sacrifice control over their schedule, rates and brand name to join an on-demand platform? Our pros want to learn more about you, your home and your cleaning needs up-front so that they can provide the highest quality service. Booking on All Set may not be instant, but once you message with a few of our pros to discuss your needs, pricing and scheduling you’ll understand why.

The best pros aren’t waiting by the computer to bid on jobs:

If you have ever submitted your info to a house cleaning matching service then you will be familiar with this experience. You submit some basic info and are immediately bombarded by quotes from unknown pros at a wide range of prices. Then it’s up to you to follow up with each pro to figure out if the quote was accurate, check the pros references, schedule and pay.

All Set would rather you choose your cleaner than the other way around. To help you choose, we provide verified reviews (from real customers like yourself) and info on how many of your neighbors are using a certain professional. This way you find the best pro for your home, schedule and budget.

The best pros don’t play phone tag or only accept cash:

All Set is built on the idea that independent local professionals who know your neighborhoods and have brands to uphold provide the highest quality of service. However, we also recognize that delivering the best possible service in this day and age means offering the latest technological solutions as part of the customer experience. With this in mind, we built All Set to empower your local pros with user friendly messaging, payment and referral functionality.

So next time you need a house cleaning don’t just use any professional, make sure you use an All Set professional.