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Your free time is too valuable to spend it scrubbing, sweeping and vacuuming. Let All Set’s trusted Pros take care of the dirty work and start enjoying your free time today.

Home Cleaning Services

We probably do not have to tell you that cleaning the house is one of the most time-consuming chores on all of our to-do lists. Whether you clean one room at a time in a never-ending rotation or dedicate an entire day to tackling the whole house every so often, maintaining a fresh and clean home can seriously eat into your free time. We created All Set because we believe that there is a better way. By connecting you with the best cleaning Pros in your neighborhood, All Set helps you find the best Pro for your cleaning, pricing, and scheduling needs.

All Set is the easiest solution to find, hire, and schedule home cleaning services to take care of your chores. The process is simple. Enter some basic information about your home, select a few Pros based on our verified customer reviews and then chat with each Pro to determine what pricing, scheduling and service options work best for you, your family and your home. All Set Pros are trusted and reviewed by your neighbors. Whether you need a house cleaning in Boston or an apartment cleaning in San Francisco, you can trust that with All Set the job will be done right.

Find out what your neighbors love about All Set house cleaning services

All Set Standard Cleaning Package

Here’s what’s included in a standard cleaning through All Set. This is just a starting point, however. If you would like to add or remove items we encourage you to negotiate with your Pro to ensure that your service meets your exact needs.


Nobody enjoys cooking when the kitchen is a mess. After our Pros are finished with your kitchen even TV dinner fanatics will have trouble resisting the urge to fire up the stove and make something from scratch.

  • Wash Dishes
  • Wipe down countertops and stove
  • Mop floors
All Set Clean Kitchen
Clean Bathroom All Set


A clean bathroom is the ultimate sign of a clean home, but cleaning the bathroom is on most people’s lists of their least favorite chores. This is where the Pros come in. A sparkling bathroom is just a few clicks away.

  • Wash and sanitize the shower, sinks, counters and toilets
  • Wipe down mirror and fixtures
  • Clean floors

Bedrooms and other areas

With bigger projects like the bathroom and kitchen to worry about, we have all been guilty of skimping on the bedroom cleaning. You likely spend more time in your bedroom than any other room of your house so let our Pros give it a thorough cleaning to guarantee that it is a clean and healthy environment for sleeping.

  • Make beds
  • Vacuum and clean floors
  • Clean and sanitize tables, door and cabinets
  • Wipe down interior windows
All Set Clean Bedroom

Home Cleaning Price

Here are at All Set we know that homes and cleaning needs are not one size fits all. If we were to set the price up front then it's highly likely that either your Pro would leave feeling underpaid or you would feel like you overpaid. Our goal is to create a marketplace where customers are able to find the perfect Pro for them at a price that's right for their budget.

We do have a pricing algorithm that provides estimated prices before you connect with each Pro but to get final prices (and the Pros best prices) we recommend reaching out to 3-5 Pros and including more specifics around the size of your home and the services that you are interested in. You are encouraged to negotiate and since all of All Set's Pros are small business owners, they are happy to work with you to meet all of your cleaning needs. 

The average price of an All Set cleaning for customers with two to three bedrooms is $75 - $100 in Boston and $90 - $125 in the Bay Area. 

Tips for Booking Your Apartment Cleaning Through All Set

1. Connect with multiple cleaning Pros
Once you have read through their reviews and checked to see which Pros have neighborhood discounts, we recommend requesting price quotes from at least 3 cleaners. This way you can get to know them a little better while finding the best fit for your needs.

2. Include details in your request
Our Pros are independent small business owners so we do not control their entire schedule. When you request a quote, include details including your preferred date, time and any extra services you would like to streamline the booking process.

3. Everything is a Negotiation
The initial prices you see in All Set are estimates based on the dimensions of your home. Our Pros are always happy to negotiate pricing based on your exact needs and would love to hear from you.

4. No Commitment
We want you to build trust and a consistent clean feeling so we pair you with your Pro when you accept their service. Future jobs are not binding so there’s nothing to lose by giving All Set a try.

5. Neighborhood discount
Before selecting your Pro, check to see which Pro has the highest neighborhood discount in your area.

House Cleaning Add Ons

Our house cleaners are happy to work with you to meet all of your cleaning needs. If you are looking for someone to clean something that is not listed in our standard cleaning package, reach out to our Pros and they are happy to negotiate extra services or changes to the standard package. A few of the most popular extra requests our Pros receive include:

    • Refrigerator cleaning (Inside & Behind)

    • Oven cleaning (Inside & Behind)

    • Microwave cleaning (Inside)

    • Dishwasher cleaning (Inside)

    • Hand-wiping baseboards

    • Vacuuming behind / under furniture

    • Sweeping patio / garage

    • Carpet Cleaning

    • Upholstery deep cleaning

    • Window Cleaning

    • Laundry

    • Junk removal

Every House Cleaning is Backed by Our Satisfaction Guarantee

At All Set, our top priority is ensuring that every customer is a satisfied customer. From our mobile app to our customer service, every last detail of the customer experience was designed with you in mind. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your All Set experience, let us know and we guarantee we will make things right. That is the All Set Satisfaction Guarantee.

You are in control

You choose your Pro and can elect to work with the same Pro every single time so you always know who is coming to clean your home. Our reviews are guaranteed to be from real verified All Set customers and we show you which Pros your neighbors are using so that you can find the perfect Pro for your needs.

We are here to help

Have a question, concern or need some help getting started? Email us and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you have a delightful All Set experience.

We have you covered

Like every insurance policy we hope we never have to use it, but just in case, All Set is backed by a $1 million liability policy.

What is All Set’s Neighborhood Discount?

All Set provides discounts on services when neighbors use the same Pro! The discount is based on the number of customers in your neighborhood who are using the same Pro as you. Here’s how this works:

All Set Neighborhood Discount table for home services

1. Whenever an additional neighbor completes their first job with the Pro you are using, the discount automatically increases for everyone in the neighborhood who is using that Pro


2. If a neighbor discontinue service with your Pro, the discount decreases for everyone


3. You will receive this discount off of every job that you complete with your pro for as long as your Pro has a discount in your neighborhood

Interested in building a consistent 15% neighborhood discount in your neighborhood? Share your All Set Pro with your neighbors, post about them through your building’s management or refer them through local social networks like Facebook and Nextdoor our use our “Refer A Friend Form”.

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*New customers receive $30 service credit added to their All Set account to be used across their first two jobs ($15 off per job). Credit cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.