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Your time is too precious to spend it house cleaning - let All Set house cleaners do the job.

Berkeley House Cleaning

Do you need your home or apartment cleaned? All Set is here to help you find and hire to the Berkley home cleaners. Whether you live in Downtown Berkeley, North, South or Northwest Berkeley, with a few tabs on your phone or a couple of clicks on your computer, you can find your Berkeley house cleaner and manage the scheduling and payment, all through us.  Our All Set cleaning Pros will take care of you home and make sure that your apartment will look and smell freshly cleaned after they cleaned it. From scrubbing the tub to mopping the floors, and much more, our house cleaners will take care of it.

Wonder what is included in an All Set home or apartment cleaning? Our standard cleaning services package includes all basic cleaning services to guarantee that your home will sparkle.

Our hometown Boston, was the first All Set city we launched. Berkeley, San Francico and the Bay area launched just a few month later and since we expanded to the Bay Area we have quickly grown to love our second market.

Every Berkeley house cleaner runs their own independent home cleaning business and has been operating in Berkeley and the part of the Bay Area for years. When you decide to hire a professional home and apartment cleaner on All Set, know that you are supporting your local small businesses.

Our home cleaners cover all of Berkeley, Oakland and as well as San Francisco and the Bay Area. Check our Pro's availability in your area here or using the map below.

Berkeley Cleaning Service

Hiring a professional Berkeley house cleaner through All Set has multiple benefits for you:

  1. Don't waste your time searching on Google and Craigslist for house cleaners in Berkeley. All Set shows you all house cleaners in Berkeley on one single page. We also include a price estimate for your home or apartment and give you the opportunity to chat with each of our Pros about your house cleaning needs.
  2. All Set Pros want to work with you to meet all of your cleaning needs. We recommend you talk to at least 3 Pros and request any additional services you would like to add on to your standard cleaning service. This is a great way to get to know our Pros and make sure you receive the house cleaning service you need.
  3. All Set brings you a consistent clean. With us, other than with a lot of other cleaning services, you can use the same house cleaner every time you need a cleaning and benefit from our neighborhood discount. It is that easy to save on your house cleaning costs.

House Cleaning Tips for Berkeley

Regularly disinfect heavily used areas in your home

Berkeley has a great climate, never too cold, never too hot. Keep in mind, you might not the only one enjoying these moderate weather conditions. To avoid welcoming germs and pests into your home always use proper disinfectants when cleaning your home.

Wash your biking and hiking gear after every workout

Are you bicycle commuting to work? Are your weekends reserved for at least one hike in Indian Rock Park or to Grizzly Peak or a road biking trip? Our cleaning tip for you: Make sure wash your hiking and biking gear after every workout as quickly as possible. That way you avoid that the nasty smell developed from sweat and the bacteria on your skin settle in your clothes.

Shoes off inside

This is not a secret but sometimes a little reminder goes a long way. Even though Berkeley does not get a lot of rain and bad weather and your shoes might look clean on the surface, they are not! The lack of rain means that dust and dirt pile up in the streets more quickly than in cities where it rains more frequently. The first step to maintaining a clean home is to keep everything on the bottom of your shoes outside. Easy, isn't it? 

These are just a few of our expert tips for keeping your Berkeley apartment or house clean and healthy. Visit the All Set blog for more professional house cleaning tips and tricks.

Finding Your Berkeley House Cleaner is this Easy


Step 1


Tell us about your home, condo or apartment (e.g., number of bedrooms and bathrooms).


Step 2


Check out the price estimates, ratings, and reviews by neighbors to select the local Berkeley cleaner you want to schedule a cleaning with.


Step 3


Receive a final price from your Berkeley Pro and set a start date. Sit back, and enjoy a life free of chores!

What are the costs for a house cleaning or apartment cleaning in Berkeley?

There is no standard price for a house cleaning in Berkeley. Prices vary widely depending on the services you want to include in your cleaning, how you book your cleaning and how your house cleaner sets the price. That is why it is important for you to connect with the potential house and apartment cleaners before you hire them. Keep in mind, a more expensive cleaning does not always equal a better cleaning. 

All Set was created to connect you with independent small house cleaning businesses in Berkeley. The Pros on the All Set marketplace fully control the prices that they charge. Therefore, we recommend reaching out to at least three cleaning Pros and encourage you to negotiate so that you are receiving the exact services you need at the price you would like to pay.

You can find more information on the average price for house cleaning on our blog. On average All Set customers in Berkeley and the Bay Area pay between $90 – $125 for a two to three bedroom apartment cleaning.

Please contact us ( if you need help finding the right cleaner at the right price, we would love to assist you finding your All Set Pro.

Look for our many Berkeley Neighborhood Discounts

All Set gives you exclusive discounts on apartment and home cleaning services when you and your neighbors use the same house cleaner! This neighborhood discount is based on the number of customers in Berkeley who are using the same house cleaner as you. Here’s how this works:

  1. Whenever an additional neighbor completes their first job with the Berkeley home cleaner you are using, the discount automatically increases for everyone in your neighborhood who is using that Pro
  2. If a neighbor discontinue service with your Pro, the discount decreases for everyone
  3. You will receive this discount off of every house cleaning that you complete with your Pro for as long as your cleaning Pro has a discount in your Berkeley neighborhood

Save more on your Berkeley home cleaning

Interested in building a consistent 15% neighborhood discount? Share your All Set house cleaner with your neighbors, post about them through your building’s management or refer them through local social networks like Facebook and Nextdoor our use our “Refer A Friend Form”.

Check out our house cleaners in Berkeley and the Bay Area now.

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