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Don't spend your precious time house cleaning - let All Set professional house cleaners do the job.

San Jose House Cleaning

With All Set you can book a professional local house cleaner to clean your home, apartment, or condo within minutes. All Set services all of San Jose and the surrounding area: North San Jose, East San Jose, Evergreen, South San Jose, Roberteville, Campbell, West, San Jose, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Cupertino, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara. Managing your house cleaner in San Jose has never been easier.

Check our cleaner's availability in your area here or using the map below.

San Jose Cleaning Service

Our home cleaning services are run by small business owners. They offer a standard house cleaning service on our platform but are happy to work with you to customize their cleaning service to meet your home cleaning needs. If you would like your house cleaner to include anything into their cleaning that is not part of their standard offer, simply send them a message. Our Pros would love to work with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your cleaning service.

Living so close to Apple, Google, and Facebook you probably interact with innovative companies that are obsessing over addressing their customers' every need every day. That is why we want to bring you some expert cleaning tips to keep your San Jose apartment, condo or house clean in between your All Set house cleaning services.

Cleaning Tips for San Jose

Take your shoes off

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly clean streets in San Jose and on the Peninsula. Even though the street cleaners do a great job of keeping the streets clean, your shoes still get dirty. The lack of rain means that dust and dirt pile up in the streets more quickly than in cities that get a lot of rain. Our first and easy tip for a clean home is to keep everything on the bottom of your shoes outside by introducing a strict no shoe policy in your home.

Fight bacteria in your home by regularly disinfecting heavily used areas

The steady and warm climate in the Bay Area and especially in San Jose did not only attract you to the area but also makes it a welcome home for many other creatures. Make sure that you (or your house cleaner) are cleaning the place where bacteria hide often and with proper disinfectants to avoid welcoming germs and pests into your home.

Deep clean Your Outdoor and Camping Gear

Do you regularly hike the Guadalupe tail, run around the Palo Alto dish or take out your bike on a long and hot bike ride? Do you spend your weekends camping in Yosemite or Big Sur? We admit especially in the winter months we are a little jealous, but keep in mind the impact your lifestyle can have on your home. Make sure to deep clean tents, shoes, jerseys, backpacks and other items at least once every quarter to avoid any messy buildup.

We hope you enjoyed our expert tips for keeping your San Jose house, apartment and condo clean and shiny. Visit the All Set blog for more professional house cleaning tips.

How To Find A San Jose House Cleaning


Step 1


Tell us about your home, apartment or condo (e.g., the number of bedrooms and bathrooms).


Step 2


Use automatic price estimates, ratings, and usage by neighbors to select the local San Jose cleaner you want to request service from.


Step 3


Receive a final price from your San Jose home cleaner and set a start date. Sit back, and enjoy a life free of chores!

How much should a house cleaning or apartment cleaning in San Jose cost?

House and apartment cleaning prices vary widely depending on the services included in your cleaning, the size of your home, how experienced your cleaner is, and where you book your cleaning. Working with so many professional house cleaners daily we can tell you that the most expensive Pros are not necessarily the best Pros. Have an idea of what is important for you when evaluating different cleaning services, so that you can choose the best cleaner for your needs. 

The Pros on the All Set platform are all independent small business owners and set their own prices and standards. We recommend you chat with at least three Pros and we encourage you to negotiate so that you are receiving the exact services you need at the price you would like to pay.

You can find more information on the pricing of a house cleaning here, but the average All Set customer pays between
$90 – $125 for a two to three bedroom apartment cleaning in San Jose and the Bay Area. Please contact us ( if you need help finding the right cleaner at the right price and we would be delighted to help you out.

Make Sure to Look for our Many San Jose and Bay Area Neighborhood Discounts

All Set’s neighborhood discount is an exclusive discount that you receive when you and your neighbors use the same Pro! The discount is based on the number of customers in your neighborhood who are using the same Pro as you. Here’s how this works:

  1. With every additional neighbor who completes their first job with the All Set home cleaner you are using, the discount automatically increases for everyone in your San Jose neighborhood who is using that Pro
  2. If a neighbor discontinue service with your Pro, the discount decreases for everyone
  3. You will receive this discount off of every job that you complete with your Pro for as long as your cleaning Pro has a discount in your neighborhood

Ready to save more on your San Jose house and apartment cleaning?

Interested in building your 15% neighborhood discount in San Jose? Share your All Set house cleaner with your neighbors, post about your experience with them through your building’s management or refer them through local social networks like Facebook and Nextdoor our use our “Refer A Friend Form”.

Check out our house cleaners in San Jose and on the Peninsula now.

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