Somerville Home Cleaning Services

Your time is too precious to spend it house cleaning - let All Set Pros do the job.

Somerville House Cleaning

Whether you live on one of Somerville's Seven Hills or right in one its vibrant squares, All Set connects you with Somerville's most trusted local cleaning Pros to clean your house, condo or apartment.

Did you know that Somerville is the most densely populated city in the New England? With that many people living in one place, it's only natural that Somerville is one of the Boston area's most energetic neighborhoods with the social scene to match.

Stop spending your time cleaning your house and start exploring Somerville's many squares, restaurants and breweries while All Set handles your house cleaning. Our Somerville house cleaners are among the most professional and experienced that we have ever met.

Our house cleaners cover all of Somerville (all of Eastern Massachusetts actually) from West Somerville to the Mystic River to Prospect Hill and everything in between.

Somerville Cleaning Service

For more information on what’s included in our basic cleaning service check out our cleaning services page. Our Somerville House Cleaners are independent business owners and are happy to work with you to meet all of your cleaning needs. If you have special requests for changes or additional services,  they would love to work with you to meet all of your house cleaning needs.

Somerville Cleaning Tips

Tackle Sticky Spills

Somerville is quickly emerging as a force in Massachusetts's craft beer scene making it easier than ever to keep the fridge fully stocked with tasty refreshments. When spills inevitably happen, the trick is to act quickly. For most carpets and fabrics dab with a paper towel then treat with a sponge using a mixture of water and dish soap to eliminate sticky residue and unpleasant odors.

Maintain Your Equipment

Somerville is a densely populated urban area with quick access to the incredible natural diversity available across New England. Whether you are a camper, rock climber, skier or beach bum, chances are you keep some sort of outdoor equipment in your home. Make sure to clean your equipment periodically and shake it off outside to avoid tracking the mess inside.

Deep Clean Every Season

Somerville’s seasons are so diverse that the way we use our homes can change dramatically from season to season. Have your home deep cleaned at least once per season to avoid any messy buildup in unused areas.

These are just a few of our top tips for maintaining a clean home or apartment in Somerville. Check out the All Set blog for more cleaning resources.

All Set’s Featured Somerville Pros

Dream Cleaning - All Set All-Star!

Dream Cleaning is a leading provider of residential and commercial cleaning services for the Greater Boston area. Whether you're looking for a routine cleaning service or just want the extra time to yourself, our pros are ready to greet you with a smile and get your place back in tip-top shape!


What Dream Clean's customers say:

“We loved Kevin’s team. They were very responsive and accommodating, and our apartment looks great! They cleaned everything really well, including the windowsills, hallway outside our apartment, and inside the fridge. They even removed 100% of the mold on the bathroom ceiling and it is now bright white and free of mold or dirt. We would highly recommend them.”

Danielle D.

JK Cleaners – New to All Set!

Kelly and Juliana work together as JK Cleaners and are an incredible one-two cleaning punch. They have been cleaning houses in the area for years and are happy to work with you to meet any of your cleaning needs.

What JK Cleaners' customers say:

“They are amazing, left my house spot less. Highly recommend Kelly and Juliana.”

-Beth B.

Pam's Housecleaners - Rising Star!

Having your home cleaned by Pam's Housecleaner can quickly take you from stressed to Zen, giving you more time to relax and do the things you love. After all, life is meant for living-not cleaning.

What Pam's Housecleaner's customers say:

“Pam did a fantastic job on our home! She was very friendly when she arrived and I honestly can't find a spot that she missed. We have a toddler, a newborn and a dog so needless to say we could use the help. It feels so great to sit back with my feet up and my mind at ease knowing she did such a great job! Highly recommend her!

-Shealin A.

How much should a Somerville house cleaning or Somerville apartment cleaning cost?

The price of a house cleaning can vary widely depending on where you find your house cleaner, the services included and how experienced your cleaner is. The fact is, that a more expensive cleaning does not always equal a better cleaning so it is important to evaluate all of the facts when choosing a cleaner.

All Set is a marketplace that connects customers like you with independent small business owners that service their areas. The Pros control the prices that they charge, which is why we recommend reaching out to at least three Pros and encourage you to negotiate so that you are receiving the exact services you need at the price you would like to pay.

You can find more information on pricing here, but the average All Set customer pays between $75 and $100 for a two to three bedroom apartment in Somerville. If you need help finding the right cleaner at the right price, please contact us ( and we would be delighted to help you out.

Make Sure to Look for our Many Somerville Neighborhood Discounts

All Set provides discounts on services when neighbors use the same Pro! The discount is based on the number of customers in your neighborhood who are using the same Pro as you. Here’s how this works:

  1. Whenever an additional neighbor completes their first job with the Pro you are using, the discount automatically increases for everyone in the neighborhood who is using that Pro

  2. If a neighbor discontinue service with your Pro, the discount decreases for everyone

  3. You will receive this discount off of every job that you complete with your pro for as long as your Pro has a discount in your neighborhood

Ready to save time on your home cleaning?

Interested in building a consistent 15% neighborhood discount in your neighborhood? Share your All Set Pro with your neighbors, post about them through your building’s management or refer them through local social networks like Facebook and Nextdoor our use our “Refer A Friend Form”.

Check out our house cleaners in your neighborhood now.

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