The story behind All Set

All Set was built on the belief that your free time is meant to be enjoyed doing the things you love with family and friends, not spent cleaning your house or mowing the lawn. We started All Set, because we believed that while there were a lot ways to book home services, none of the options worked well for both customers and the small businesses that provide the services.


All Set was developed in an incubator (Liberty Mutual’s Solaria Labs) where we put a lot of thought into addressing all of the pain points facing both customers and Pros. We made sure to ask as many smart people as we could find what needed fixing in the home services space and then we set out tackling every issue. We realized early on that the established independent small businesses that have been serving your neighborhoods for years are the ones offering the best service so All Set was designed to empower them not replace them. The end result was a technology solution that delights both customers and Pros through every step of the home services relationship. We launched in Boston in September of 2016, the San Francisco Bay Area in January 2017 and we hope to be expanding to a city near you! .

Why use All Set

All Set™ is here to make it easy and seamless to find and hire the best trusted house cleaners and landscapers in your neighborhood. We are powered by recommendations from friends and neighbors who are already using our great Pros in your area. Our goal is to simplify your busy life by bringing secure online payments, in-app messaging, and automatic group discounts to home services. It’s all about finding the perfect home services Pro for your household’s needs and then ensuring that you can use that Pro again and again as often as you’d like.

The All Set team

Meet the All Set team. We are a group of diverse, passionate people dedicated to help you live a life free of chores, starting with house cleaning and landscaping.


Our Head of Operations and a podcast junky


Head of Marketing and workout enthusiast


Manager of Strategy and published author


Top developer and best friends with his sweet tooth


Star Developer and enthusiastic dog daddy


Our CEO and energetic frequent traveler


Our Customer Service Hero and ping pong champion

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*New customers receive $30 service credit added to their All Set account to be used across their first two jobs ($15 off per job). Credit cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.