Frequently Asked Questions

Joining All SetTM

Why should I join All Set?

All Set allows you to find quality professionals based on verified reviews from your neighbors and friends. We provide discounts on services when customers in the same neighborhood use the same professional, plus seamless messaging, appointment scheduling and payment.

How do I join All Set?

Install the All Set app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and tap “I’m New” to register as a new user. You can also join All Set through our website. Simply visit our All Set Desktop App ( to sign up. We’re excited for you to join!

Who are the professionals on the All Set platform?

All Set is an open platform that encourages independent, local home service professionals to create long term relationships with customers that live near each other. You can select from professionals that are available in your neighborhood based on your criteria: price, neighbors that use them, ratings, and written reviews.

By using All Set, am I locked into a contract?

There is no contract required to join All Set. It is completely free to use and you have the ability to change/cancel your service anytime as long as it's 24 hours before an upcoming service.

All Set is not available in my area, what do I do?

Sit tight and stay tuned. We will let you know when All Set is available in your area. We appreciate your patience. You can also go to our website ( and click "I want All Set!" to enter in your email, so we can quickly notify you when we are in your neighborhood.

What if I already have a professional who does not use All Set?

If you are interested in All Set, but would like to use an existing professional who is not available through the app, we recommend you refer your professional using the "Invite" feature in the "Profile" tab, and if your professional joins you will both receive a referral bonus (see “Referrals” FAQ). Additionally, you can email or call (855) 868-2493 and we would be happy to reach out to your professional and explain the benefits of using All Set.

Using All Set

What services are currently available through All Set?

All Set currently offers home cleaning and lawn care services. Feel free to go to our website ( and click "I want All Set!" to enter a service you think we should consider adding.

How do I use All Set to schedule a service?

Once you have registered as a new user (see Joining All Set FAQ), go to your home screen in the App and select “Add Service”. Select the service you would like to set up and click “Next”. This will bring you to a list of service professionals in your area with verified ratings and estimated pricing. Select a professional, check out their ratings and hit the “Request Service” button. Complete the details of your service request (frequency of service, start week, etc.) and hit “Next”. Your service professional will contact you with a finalized pricing estimate and will ask you to confirm your service. Once you have confirmed, your service is scheduled and you're All Set (see what we did there?).

I need to request a service for a particular day, is there a way to do this in the app?

All Set's professionals are all fully independent cleaning services professionals in the areas we serve. This means that All Set is unable to guarantee a professionals availability at a given date and time. To increase your chances of booking a service on a given date, we recommend placing service requests with multiple professionals. When initially placing a service request, please indicate the week in which you would like your first service. If you would like to request a specific date, you can request in the notes section of the request. Once a professional has accepted your request, use the "Inbox" tool to message your professional regarding your timing preferences. They will let you know whether they are able to accommodate any special requests through the app messaging system. For additional help with scheduling, please contact All Set at or (855) 868-2493.

What is included in my home cleaning service?

All Set estimates prices on a "Base Home Cleaning Service" which includes:

  • Wash dishes, wipe down stove and countertops, mop floors
  • Clean toilet, wipe down mirrors, mop floors, and scrub sinks, showers, and tub
  • Make beds
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Wipe down tables, windows, doors cabinets
  • Take out trash/recycling
  • General Dust
Note: Each professional lists what is included in their services under “Base Service Includes” on their professional profile.
What is included in my lawn care service?

All Set estimates prices on a "Base Lawn Care Service" which includes:

  • Grass mowing
  • Hedge trimming
  • Clean up debris
Note: Each professional lists what is included in their services under “Base Service Includes” on their professional profile.
Am I able to add to my professional’s base service?

Yes, using the "Inbox" feature in the app, please feel free to reach out to your professional with any additional requests for your service. The professional is able to update pricing accordingly for both ongoing services and one-time service additions. Once you and the professional agree on a service package and price, the professional will send you a confirmation in the app to ensure you never get charged for anything you did not request.

How do I accept a service?

When a professional accepts your service request, you will be prompted by the app to accept the final terms of your agreement. You will see a ribbon at the top of the "Inbox" screen. Click the "Service Request Details" button and review the final details of your service and hit the accept button to form an active service relationship with your professional. You can always message the professional in the "Inbox" if you need clarification on the job details.

Can I cancel or reschedule an individual job without canceling my relationship?

Yes, just reach out to your selected professional and request this change. Your professional is able to cancel and reschedule individual jobs at any time (as long as it is not 24 hours before your scheduled appointment). Reach out to them through the inbox or contact All Set ( or (855) 868-2493) and we can help with any scheduling needs.

Do I need to be home for my service?

You decide if you would like to be home for your service or not. When making an initial service request, check the box next to “Would you like to be home for your first service appointment” and your chosen professional will be happy to accommodate your preference.

Are professionals insured?

Per our terms and conditions, professionals are required to warrant that they have all necessary licenses, permits, bonding or insurance required to provide their Services and that they will provide Services in compliance with the law.

Do All Set service professionals undergo a background check?

Instead of providing background checks directly, All Set delivers the power of neighbor referrals and ratings to provide trusted service professionals. Service professionals can offer background check information to any customer on the platform, and customers can use the messaging features to request them of potential professionals.

I am having trouble contacting my professional. What should I do?

You can use the “Inbox” feature within the app, or contact All Set at or (855) 868-2493 and our dedicated support team will reach out to your professional directly for any reason.

Payments and Discounts

What does it cost to use All Set?

It’s free for customers and professionals to sign-up for All Set. All Set only takes a small commission from the pro's final payout.

How do I pay for my professional’s service?

You are required to enter a credit card to request a service on All Set, however you will not be charged until service is completed. We only charge your credit card after the professional marks a job complete. You will receive an email receipt confirming the cost of the job. Please reply to that email, or contact All Set at or (855) 868-2493 if you have any questions about your payment.

How do neighborhood discounts work?

All Set gives you a discount on your recurring home service based on the number of customers that use the same professional in a geographic area. This discount is offered by the All Set platform and does not affect what your professional is paid. You can see your projected discount in the home screen of the All Set app and your final discount when you receive your email receipt.

How does All Set define neighborhoods when calculating the neighborhood discounts?

All Set utilizes a proprietary neighborhood mapping dataset in order to group you with your neighbors for potential discounts. If you have questions about your neighborhood, please contact All Set at or (855) 868-2493.

Should I tip my professional?

Tipping your professional is entirely up to you. All Set does not facilitate tipping through the app at this time but if you are thrilled with your service feel free to leave a cash gratuity.

Where is my credit card information stored?

All Set utilizes third party payment processing services. All customer payment information is protected through client-side tokenization that is PCI-DSS compliant and guarantees that no sensitive payment data resides on All Set's servers or systems.

How do I update my credit card information?

In the "Profile" tab, click "Billing Information". Once the new tab opens complete all of the necessary credit card information and hit save to update your credit card details. *NOTE: to keep your information safe, some of the fields will be blank once you submitted the changes. If you would like to confirm that your information went through, feel free to email us at or call 855-868-2493.

How can I see my current service credit balance?

If you have questions about your balance from a referral, sign-up bonus or promotional code please contact All Set ( or call 855-868-2493) and we will be happy to assist you.

Ratings and Reviews

How do I leave a review?

After an appointment is completed, you are encouraged to review your professional with an honest rating and leave an optional written review. These will help your professional know how they’re doing and give valuable information to your neighbors looking to hire a professional. You can review your professional my click "Review" on the job card in your home screen or by going to the professionals profile. NOTE: you can only review your professional after every other completed service.


How do I refer a friend/neighbor or a home service professional?

You can send referral links through the "Profile" section of your app. Click “Invite”, and then send your personal promo code automatically through Facebook, email, or text. Both customers and pros can enter your referral code when they sign up in the All Set app and you’ll both receive a bonus.

If a customer you referred signs up for All Set and pays for their first service, you'll both get a $60 service credit automatically applied to your next four services ($15 off each of your next four jobs)!

If a professional you referred signs up for All Set and completes their first service, they'll get a $30 bonus added to their first payment from All Set and you'll get a $60 service credit that's automatically applied to your next four services ($15 off each of your next four jobs)!

Disputes and Cancellation

How does service cancellation work?

We require that professionals give you a 24 hour notice before changing an appointment. Similarly, we ask that you message your professional to cancel or reschedule a scheduled appointment with at least a 24 hour notice. If necessary, both you and your professional can also cancel the recurring service from the All Set app.

What happens if I am not happy with my service?

Please message your professional to resolve the issue with them directly. If this doesn’t work, please contact All Set at or (855) 868-2493. We will do our best to resolve any minor disputes to reach a fair outcome. Ultimately, it is up to professional and you to resolve any disputes.

Additional Information

My professional consistently contacts me outside of All Set, what should I do?

We encourage customers to communicate with professionals via the app so we can help resolve any disputes that may arise. If a professional is contacting you outside of the app, please contact All Set at or (855) 868-2493 and we will reach out to the professional. We believe that All Set offers incredible convenience and comfort to our customers and we do not want any of our customers to feel pressured to modify the customer experience you signed up for by downloading All Set.

How does All Set protect my privacy?

We are committed to protecting your data. To better understand All Set’s privacy practices and policies, please visit

How do I contact All Set?

Our dedicated support team is available from 7am-7pm EST. You can email us at or call 855-868-2493.