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5 Hard to Clean Spots in Your House and How to Clean Them

5 Hard to Clean Spots in Your House and How to Clean Them

For the most part, some elbow grease and determination is enough to keep your living space clean and tidy. However, there are just some spots in the house that are always difficult to clean. They may be hard to reach, hard to maintain, or even just hard to remember over time. Though some spots may be different for some people, there are five spaces that tend to stay hard to clean in every house. Fortunately, even these hard to clean spots can be reached and cleaned with a little help. Check them out below.

Hard to Clean Spots In Your House and How to Clean Them

1. Behind the Toilet:

hard to clean toilet

Behind the toilet is a tricky place to clean because it is commonly hard to reach. Usually there is not much room behind the toilet, and without the proper tools and products, it’s hard to maneuver back there to wipe any and all dirt, dust, and grime. It won’t be pretty, but the best way to clean this spot is to get down on your hands and knees equipped with gloves, a strong-bristled brush, scouring pad, and heavy duty cleaning solution. Be sure to wear a mask to keep dust and fumes from cleaning products out of your face and to open a window to help the bathroom air out. Even if you’re using eco-friendly cleaning products, a mask, gloves, and an open window can make the job much easier.

2. Air Vents:

hard to clean vents

The little spaces between air vents can hard to reach, so they can easily load up with dust. When using air vents in the winter and summer months, you could be spreading this dust throughout the house. To clean this difficult spot, use a rag to go over the individual openings. A slightly damp wash cloth and 409 spray can easily do the trick to wick away the dust and grime that can easily build up over time.

3. Window Blinds

hard to clean blinds

While many remember to clean their windows, it can be easy to forget to clean your blinds as well. Dust and dirt can build up on the slats of the blinds, and even after wiping them down, the grime may not completely go away. To remedy this, you’ll need cotton gloves, a dry sponge, all-purpose cleaner, and a towel. Spray the all-purpose cleaner onto the glove, the sponge, or directly on to the blinds. Wipe vigorously with a clean dry cloth to remove dirt and grime. You can also take the entire blinds unit down and power wash it by spraying it with the hose and cleaning with dish soap and water. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly before hanging back up. If you have wooden blinds, you can still get them wet, but do so moderately. Soaking them may cause them to warp.

4. Under/Behind the Refrigerator:

hard to clean fridge

For this spot, you’ll have to do some heavy lifting. To start, pull out the refrigerator until it is away from the wall and ensure that it is unplugged. A mop or dry dust cloth should suffice to get this space clean once you have moved the refrigerator out of the way. Since these units are often placed against a wall, dirt, dust, and grime can build up over time if you aren’t careful. With a damp cloth and all-purpose cleaner or regular dish soap, wipe down the back and sides of the refrigerator. For the floor, use a dust-buster, mop, broom, or cloth (depending upon the flooring) to clean up dust and dirt. Once done, plug the fridge back in and slide it back into place. Do this every three months or so to ensure the spot stays clean!

5. Ceiling Fan Blades:

hard to clean ceiling fan

The blades of your ceiling fan may be hard to reach but they’re actually very easy to clean! It’s best to do this with another person to ensure optimal safety when cleaning this spot. Using a step stool, ladder, or chair to reach the blades, take a dry cloth and wipe them down. Be sure to have someone holding the ladder or chair for support. Once the dust and dirt have been removed, you can lightly dampen a washcloth with dish soap to give the blades a final wipe down. Let dry, and you’re done!

These five hard to clean spots can be a pain, but they aren’t impossible. With some help, the entirety of your home can be spic and span all the time. Happy cleaning!

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