Frequently Asked Questions

Joining All Set™

All Set helps you effectively manage and grow your business: giving you access to seamless messaging, appointment scheduling and billing, as well as direct access to high-quality leads which are 100% free to you. The app also helps you geographically group your customers, saving you unnecessary travel time and cost.
Install the All Set Pro app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and tap “I’m New” to register as a new professional. The app will walk you through our quick and easy signup process. Please contact or (855) 868-2493 to reach our Provider Success Managers if you have any questions. We’re excited for you to join!
All Set is an open marketplace for both customers and professionals. All Set periodically offers promotions to drive customer growth for the App. Once customers have joined the app the choice of provider is determined by the service area they are located in and their personal preference. Customers typically select the providers with the most and highest ratings so make sure to introduce your existing clients to the app in order to attract more positive reviews.
There is no contract required to join All Set. All Set is completely free to use (we only take a small commission) and you have the ability to change/cancel your service anytime as long as it's 24 hours before an upcoming service. All Set is a marketplace connecting professionals to customers and thus any contracts for services are made between you and the Customer.
All Set does not currently perform background checks on its professionals. Professionals are required to warrant that they have all necessary licenses, permits, bonding or insurance required to provide their Services and that they will provide Services in compliance with the law.

Using The App™

The home screen displays how many jobs you have today and lists each job scheduled for today. Once you have completed a job, you must mark it as complete in order to get paid. There are two ways to see upcoming jobs beyond today depending on if you want to view your upcoming jobs by customer or by date. If you want to view your upcoming jobs on a specific date, click the calendar icon in the top right corner of the home screen. Select the date you are interested in viewing and select the “OK” button. If you would like to see your upcoming jobs by customer, click on the customer tab and select the customer whose jobs you would like to review. This will launch the customer's profile where you can select "View upcoming jobs" to review all of that customer's upcoming jobs.
In the ”Account” section of the app, select “My Business Profile” and then "Change Service Areas. Use the mapping tool to highlight the areas where you would like to provide services.
All Set is a young and growing company with a goal of expanding our service areas. Please keep an eye out for updates from us regarding the expansion of our service area into neighboring regions.
Of course! You are your own boss, All Set is just here to help you grow and manage your business. You can always adjust the pricing up or down anytime. Click the “Customers” tab at the bottom of the screen and select the customer you would like to adjust your price for using the “edit” button. Please note that customers will have to approve any changes before you perform your next service and bill them the updated amount.
You have complete control over your pricing on the All Set platform. During the signup process, we’ll ask you to quote a sample job, which is used to provide prospective customers with an initial estimate for recurring service based on the attributes of their home. You can modify this estimate during the service request process, and pending discussions with your customers, you always have the ability to change this recurring price (See “Can I change the pricing of a recurring job?”) and add additional one-time costs in the future.
First, be sure to discuss and agree upon the cost for that additional work (i.e. clean the fridge or trim the bushes) using the messaging feature of the app. Then, within the “Job Card” for that customer’s service, you can “Add Cost” to the job before marking the job done. This will allow you to add a cost to their bill for that day’s job.
At this time, only appointments booked through All Set can be added to your upcoming appointments in the app. All Set's goal is to be the best possible tool to help you grow your business. We highly recommend that you send your existing customers a link to All Set (see Referrals), so you can manage your business in one place (PLUS, we will give you $30 for each new customer that you refer and completes a service). Please let us know if this or any other functionality would help make your day to day operations run more smoothly.
You can update your profile anytime by going to click on “Account” and then “My Business Profile”.

Payments and Costs

It’s free for customers and pros to sign-up for All Set. There is no subscription fee and no lead fees! All Set only makes money when you make money. After you have set up service with a recurring customer, All Set takes a commission from each transaction to pay for credit card processing, marketing, and app updates.
Banking information is required so that customers can pay for your services. Once you mark a job complete, the customer's credit card will be charged and the money will be deposited into your bank account in 7 days, on average.
In the "Account" section of the app, select "Payout Method" and fill in the required information regarding your bank account and business information. NOTE: to keep your information safe, some of the fields will be blank once you submitted the changes. If you would like to confirm that your information went through, feel free to email us at or call 855-868-2493
Currently, All Set does not have the functionality for customers to tip you through the app. But if a delighted customer opts to leave a cash gratuity, please feel free to accept.
Once you mark a job complete, the customer's credit card will be charged and All Set will deposit the money into your bank account in 7 days, on average.
Due to the promotions All Set offers customers, sometimes your payments will be made in different increments. When reviewing your payments, please wait for all payments to clear and look at the total payments received from All Set instead of individual transactions. If you still believe that you did not receive the correct amount for a job, please contact support at or (855) 868-2493
No, all discounts and promotions are funded by All Set. Our goal is to help you grow your business and as such we periodically offer promotions and discounts to customers. One example of this is the neighborhood discount: the more neighbors that use your services, the higher the discount they all receive. All the more reason to keep bringing your customers onto the All Set platform!
You are required to include any necessary taxes within their individual pricing. All Set does not directly tax the earnings you receive from All Set customers. Our payment processor will issue you a 1099-K automatically for any provider that qualifies. Qualification is based on having a US-based bank account, over $20,000 in sales and over 200 charges on All Set.
Our payment processor will issue you a 1099-K automatically for any provider that qualifies. Qualification is based on having a US-based bank account, over $20,000 in sales and over 200 charges on All Set.
Please contact All Set at or (855) 868-2493. We will help you issue a partial or complete refund to your customer.

Ratings and Reviews

After an appointment is completed, customers are encouraged to provide an honest rating and leave an optional written review. These will help you know how you're doing and give valuable information to other customers looking to hire you.
Building up a base of strong reviews is crucial to growing your business on All Set. One of the fastest ways to grow your number of reviews is to refer your existing customers to All Set. When your existing customers download the app, not only will you both receive referral bonuses (see "Referrals"), but they will provide you with a strong base of user reviews to drive new business.
We recommend you reach out to the customer directly. But you can also contact All Set at or (855) 868-2493. We will do our best to resolve any minor disputes to reach a fair outcome.


You can find your unique referral code and send referral links via email or text message in the "Account" section of your app. Both customers and fellow pros can enter your referral code when they sign up in the All Set app and you’ll both receive a bonus. If a customer you referred signs up for All Set and pays for their first service, they get a total of $60 off their first four services ($15 off each jobs) and you'll get a $30 bonus added to your next payment from All Set! If a pro you referred signs up for All Set and completes their first service, you'll both get a $30 bonus added to your next payment from All Set!

Disputes and Cancellation

Customers are required to message you at least 24 hours before a scheduled appointment when requesting to cancel or reschedule. Similarly, we ask that you give your customers a 24-hour notice before changing an appointment. If necessary, both you and your customer can also cancel recurring service from the All Set app.

Additional Information

Our dedicated support team is available from 7am-7pm EST. You can email us at or call 855-868-2493.

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*New customers receive $30 service credit added to their All Set account to be used across their first two jobs ($15 off per job). Credit cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. Limit one per house hold