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Grow Your Business

with customers who All Set for you to their friends and neighbors

Growing with All Set

All Set was founded to help home service providers optimize their work schedule, simplify payments, and reward high quality work with more business. Here are some guidelines for leveraging everything All Set has to offer.

How Can I Get the Most Out of All Set?

  1. 1. Make Your Profile Stand Out Write a friendly bio, tell your story and upload a nice image that identifies your business. We can help you create your profile!
  2. 2. Complete your Business Profile All Set is free to sign up! Set up your payout account to get direct deposit payments on time, every time. Until then, customers can’t purchase your services.
  3. 3. Invite your Clients & Get Reviews Start your All Set profile on the right foot. Get good reviews from your existing clients to attract new clients looking for good pros.

Why Invite My Current Clients?

Your clients will get an All Set group discount when their neighbors start working with you... All Set pays for the discount - not you!

Reviews from your current customers will help you gain more clients. 90% of All Set users chose providers who have reviews and ratings from their clients.

Grow your business in the neighborhoods where you want more work. Focusing your work helps you plan your days more efficiently and drive less! Now you can do more jobs and earn more money in the same amount of time.

All Set helps you grow by offering your clients a $60 credit to refer their friends and neighbors!

Your clients get $60 credit from All Set when their referrals complete a service through the app.